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'The Hands Series Project' - The story behind

I like to look at people's hands. They always tell stories.

They say so much about people. And I don't mean manicures and clean nails, but the pride in their appearance. They show kindness, gentleness, sensuality, a life lived in full or stories the long years tell. Whether is how they light a match, how they smoke their cigarette – if they smoke, how they stir the coffee or the cup of tea, or how they use their silverware – it’s just interesting the way they do it.

Hands always show the real age. And as lovely and delicate young hands can appear, it is the truly aged hands that show the real beauty. Imagine the pages that have been turned by them, the letters written and the life lived. They are blessed aged hands.

Hands hold stories and by looking at them you capture the essence of who they really hide inside.

I take photos of people's hands.

More photos from 'the Hands series' here.

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