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Rendez-vouz with Contemporary

It was on a cold night in September 2011, that I've seen the Grupo Corpo performance at Sadler Wells. This photo is the living memory of that stunning evening, or at least how I recall it.

The unique fleet-footed, rhythmic movement of Grupo Corpo merged classical ballet with quirky contemporary moves, heavily flavoured by the heat and sensuality of the Copacabana. It was one of those rare dance companies with a defined character that once seen is immediately recognisable forever after. Nineteen dancers changed costumes in a high-energy whirl of fast pirouettes and bouncy steps, peppered with jeté-style, arrow-like leaps.

Grupo Corpo started life as a family business, over 30 years ago in a Belo Horizonte home – with seven members of the Pederneiras clan still involved today in running the company.

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