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On 'Mis Noches de Tango'

It´s Friday night and I am heading for one of the best-known milongas in London – and my favourite one – Negracha. It’s my 4-years-of-tango anniversary, my eyes are gleaming and I feel beautiful in my blue skirt. I look forward for another night of magical connection on the dance floor, with my much-loved partners.

I will always remember the first day I went to a lesson – the shyness, the fascination and yet – the determination. I haven’t stopped dancing ever since and as each day passes, I am more and more absorbed into the intoxicating haze of the music. It’s been 4 years of intense joy, passion, playful and passionate tandas. It’s been countless hours of practice, deep moments of frustration and blissful concentration followed by light-bulb moments; the perfect way of pouring myself through this winding, but rewarding pathway.

So what better way to continue my journey then by dancing? It will be a long night with beautiful tandas, in my tango playground and my isle of joy. There will be cake too. No photos tonight, only dancing.

More photos from my tango filled nights, with concerts and performances, here.

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