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The Gentle Hurricane & the Foxy Damsel

Last Friday night, Martin Ojeda Casas and Laisa Souza performed in Negracha Tango Club. A show that was technically superb, perfectly musical and smooth. Noting particularly his control, combined with sudden bursts of speed and energy and her elegant, but yet sensual presence. 'The Gentle Hurricane & the Foxy Damsel', as my friend Barbara observed, inspired. A title I thought is so fit for the purpose I actually named my photo with it.

An interesting observation about this particular photo is that it focuses on expressions, rather than on the movement. The face and the connection of the two bodies – before the actual performance starts – are prominent. It is a snapshot of the moment before-tango, when music starts, connection is initiated and bodies become acquainted to one another. Tango is all about body movement and technical interpretation; and musicality, of course, but the emphasis is on movement and body awareness, reaching rhythms, the use of space and the interconnection between dancers. This moment lacks completely movement, but captures what this dance is also about - emotions that are brewing within.

More photos from my tango filled nights, with concerts and performances, here.

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