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I am Andreea, a London based TANGO & PORTRAIT photographer.

You could say my story as a photographer began even before I realised it. I always saw beauty in things, places and people and that translated into photography. Photography fills my heart with joy. 

My style is relaxed, with a touch of glamour. I work with simple, natural lighting setups and uncomplicated poses that will make you look at your best.


My inspiration comes from elements of film noir, Romanticism and untouched beauty, so expect a bit of art in my photos. When I shoot I like to create stories, to show the beauty within. But the most important thing, I love to give people the confidence to exist in photos. A true portrait should be, today and a hundred years from now, a testimony of how you looked the moment you met me.

My other big passion is tango: I am an Argentinean Tango aficionada. I love everything about it: the music, the movement, the power of the embrace, the buzz of the local milongas. Soon after I started dancing, I began shooting performances, concerts and local events (milongas), so those moments could stay forever in my mind.


I hope you will enjoy my work!


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