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An absolutely phenomenal experience which made me understand how challenging and demanding it can be being both in front or behind the camera! Thoroughly enjoyed the day with my lovely friend Andreea, our catch up over tea (because “Baby its cold outside”) and how she found the magic in every picture we took! Most of all, she was fantastic at making me relax and enjoy the experience and we even pulled together a few cheeky phrases to help with those expressive eye shots. Thank you so so very much Andreea!


Thank you Andreea for a fantastic photoshoot! I really enjoyed your attention to detail, your dedication to finding the perfect yet natural moment, your warmth as a person and your ability to find beauty in the most unexpected ways. I really look forward to more and I highly recommend anyone to work with Andreea!


Architect & Tanguera

"Andreea has an eye for capturing those wonderful moments that happen when we are immersed, body and mind, in tango. It doesn't matter whether you are a pro with the most perfect lines, a seasoned bandoneon player in the middle of a variación, or a social dancer lost in a closed embrace, Andreea makes them all look effortlessly good."



Tango Dancer & Teacher

I had a photoshoot with Andreea Vaidean from Andreea Vaidean Photography. She was a pleasure to work with and cannot recommend her highly enough.



Tango Teacher & Tanguero

Andreea is one of the very, very few people whose photos are works of art. An incredible talent with a sharp eye for beautiful, interesting, unusual moments. She is not just an incredible photographer but also a true artist. In addition to this she is a beautifully kind and wonderful person! Her work speaks for herself, she brings out people's characters in a sympathetic, artistic way. Highly recommended!




I know Andreea’s work mostly through her tango photographs where she captures the most magical moments of dance – emotion, expression, light, lines. She is a talented and gifted photographer with insight into what makes a special image as well as obvious technical skill.


Together with Aaron Davies, Andreea gave an illustrated talk at Reading Tango Festival about the art of capturing those wonderful tango images. Her insight and clarity was totally inspiring, as were the photographs she used to illuminate the talk! Her work is a delight.



Reading Tango Events Organiser

I could write about ethereal essence, rapture, transcendent light, but I think it's better if I just say plainly; if you want to look fantastic in a picture, get Andreea to take the photo.



Academic Director

“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I can photograph.” Annie Leibovitz is always right! As the most beautiful part of being a portrait photographer is that you meet people, you connect, you find their life story. And most of them are willing to share their passions with you if you take some time to talk to them.


Andreea is my "go-to" photographer whenever I have a performance or an event. Not only does she produce beautiful photos capturing the essence of the moment but she is one of the only photographers I know who is able to capture the beautiful lines in dance. This is because not only does she have a passion for dance, but is an experienced dancer herself.

I've asked her to take photos for me many times and every time she has given me photos that show a detailed understanding of the aesthetics of dance. She has a beautiful sense of style that always shines through in the creativity of her work. I'm so happy to have her in London!

Kim Benitez

Tango Dancer & Teacher

I had a photo session with Andreea and all I can say is this: the woman is a genius! She was a pleasure to work with and cannot recommend her highly enough. Do also check out her photos of live Tango - simply stunning!



Lawyer and Opera Singer

"Andreea is a wonderfully creative and sensitive photographer. Both in her studio sessions with incredible attention to detail and her photographs from milongas that capture the mood of the space, dancers, and musicians. I would highly recommend her and her work!"



Tango Dancer & Teacher

I have been friends with Andreea since high school and she is simply amazing! She is passionate by art in general and especially by tango and photography! She succeeded in making me fall in love with the camera and feel good in front of it! She is very talented, confident, full of passion and sensitivity and she always finds a way to transpose her state of mind into her photos. Her photos are simply amazing and I can state without a doubt that she is the most talented photographer I know. I am very proud of her.




I feel when I look to your photos like if I am reading the one and a thousand nights. In each angle you have a story, in each shadow you have a mystery and in each light you illuminate our imagination. We see Tango through your eyes not a dance but a ritual of love, prayers and a salvation of the lost souls. For those like me who don't know how to tango, I just throw myself into your photos and live every moment captured, every step made or every breath hold! Your photos are an invitation for a unique and tensed passion. It is a journey to a magical world of peace and harmony. Thank you for not only capturing these true and alive sentiments but also for capturing people's vivid curiosity and pure hearts!



Advisor to the National Assembly of Kuwait

Her pictures are marvelous, capturing the life and energy of the moment! I'm a big admirer of Andreea's photography!




Andreea is a beautiful, kind, intelligent, playful and authentic person, qualities which are also reflected in her photography. Besides her impeccable sense of aesthetics, Andreea has a wonderful ability to capture the magic of a moment, the spirit of a person. Her camera lens is a window to the soul and she finds the right light through the light she carries within. A true Lens Fairy.

She made me feel so relaxed and beautiful. I loved being in front of her camera. Thank you, Andreea Vaidean Photography. Beauty is really a state of mind. 


Yoga teacher & Tanguera

I have followed Andreea's work as a photographer for a few years now. Having seen countless dance photos made by different hobby photographers, I think Andreea's work is a level up, she doesn't rely on the camera, but is always learning and testing to find the most flattering angle and light, as well as the most interesting perspective. Plus she has impeccable sense of aesthetic. Its her sensitivity that makes her see beauty in even smallest details, invisible to the others. details. She finds the way to catch movements in their most dynamic and people in their most vulnerable beauty. There is a lot of talent and technique involved.


Journalist & Tanguera

Andreea is one of the most talented photographers I have worked with for Tango photography. She has a natural and intuitive ability to capture the people's strengths and does not set for less than great results.



Tango Dancer & Teacher

Andreea is simply fantastic. Not only is she an incredibly gifted and technically skilled photographer, but she becomes a partner in your project who ensures you get the photograph you want. I recently worked with Andreea on a series of portraits, and I’m over the moon with the results, the photos look wonderful and everyone I’ve shown them to is impressed. I can full-heartedly recommend Andreea; she’s a photographer you won’t regret working with!




Andreea's photos have that 'je ne sais quoi' that make me look at them in awe and then look at them again. Her photos capture not only a moment in time, but an emotion too. Portraits seem to come to life and many times it's mesmerizing to look at someone with different eyes and notice features or feelings you didn't know were there. In a nutshell, I'd say Andreea is a true professional with a great eye for detail.



Andreea's keen eye for detail but equally, her understanding of the importance of the environment in which a subject might be photographed, make the final results truly personal. I love her passion for colour and movement; I think her shots capture these two elements perfectly, for what is life if not a combination of that; to live and feel and then to remember in technicolor!



History Teacher & Tanguera

Some people capture pictures with their cameras and others capture stories. Andreea definitely captures the stories. Tango people in London will forever be indebted to Andreea for the memorable stories she has captured over the years. Keep going Miss A, we love you!



IT wizard and Tango Multitalent

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